NITHAEL Angel (Venus)

Nithael Angel Dec17,Dec18,Dec19,Dec20,Dec21

From Choir PRINCIPAUTÉS (Archangel HANIEL)

People born between
17 and December 21

NITHAEL Angel is the angel of divine help. He promotes physical beauty, seduction. He helps to inspire confidence and promotes kindness. He aid access to high office (King Solomon was under the protection of this angel). His godson enjoys good health and long life, the benefits which this angel grants to him transmit to his children.


NITHAEL Angel: Install in me, Lord, the feeling that, O how much momentary are the things of the Life! Don’t permit, NITHAEL Angel that I identify with the glory that comes from you, nor that I consider mine, acquired the powers provided, also through you. I want to be, Lord, the actor in your room, the worker builder of your work. I agree to be king sometimes, sometimes begging. Yes, in wealth and poverty, I will remain faithful to the path that you traced me. Help me, NITHAEL Angel, have always thirst for spirituality, and know, because everything else is offered me, as the King Solomon, in addition.

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