HAHASIAH Angel (Jupiter)

Hahasiah Angel Dec3,Dec4,Dec5,Dec6,Dec7

(Archangel HANIEL)

Peoples born between
3 and December 7

HAHASIAH Angel is Radiation of JUPITER Choir of Principalities (energy of Venus). HAHASIAH east bearer goodness infinite He chairs the alchemical art. He promotes the gift of healing, intuitive knowledge occult knowledge. This angel represents Providence. His godson is a wise being, animated by a great benevolence. Invoking his angel, he can be initiated with profound mysteries to become a providential being.


HAHASIAH Angel: O Eternal Angel! Because you chose me, me, to be the arm that distributes your Providence, help me to erase my mistakes, and register my account my acts of kindness, so the balance of my actions on Earth, to address the scourge on the right side. Educate me, HAHASIAH Angel on your secret, not making me a blind instrument; do, however, that my conscience is illuminated with your Light, so that I can, indeed, alleviate physical pain and morale of those who suffer, that I can heal others and me heal myself, i.e. restore harmony in me to accomplish my human duty to be useful to others and myself, by a moral and material success.