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Guardian Angel, how to know yours.
In the tradition, there are 72 guardian angels who share the year in periods of 5 days (5 degrees space). Each angel is associated with a planet and has a home occupying 5 degrees of a sign of the zodiac.
The cosmic energies are enabled by the angels. Astrology by the position of astronomical constellations and stars, tells us that energy can have an influence on individuals.
There are 9 hearts of angel’s compounds 8 guardians angels, each heart of the angels is headed by an archangel.
We can at any time make a prayer to our guardians angels.
In their periods of 5 days, we can also send a prayer to other guardians angels to take charge of their powers.

The powers conferred by guardians angels are within reach of all of us, but we live in an ordered universe. The order of our social life, daily, is nothing other than a copy (disfigured) of the existing order in the top of worlds. This is to say that we can supply energy to our guardians angels, at will and at any time. But we must seek pardons and powers conferred by other guardians angels, either through our own guardians angels, either directly to the other angels, during the 5 days of their regencies.

-To know your guardian angel:

In the search field, type your date of birth in the form mmmd (the 3 first letters of the month and the day);

Example: If you were born on April 2, type apr2 (your guardian angel will be SITAËL)

If you want to search for a gift Guardian Angel how you know the name:

  1. In the search field, type its name.
  2. Or look the directly under «Female Angels  » or « Male angels.

-For the guardian angel that can helps you heal, in the search field, type the name of the disease.

For example the anemia can be cured by MELAHEL guardian angel.

Several guardian angels can help you cure the same evil.

After reading « Must read » you will only have to select the disease or this is approaching the most.»

-To know the angel who can help you for a live’s problem, in the search field type the type of problem

For example ARIEL guardian angel, can help you solve your money problems.

LECABEL guardian angel, too, can help you solve your money problems and more to make a fortune.

If you seek for the first name of your child. Why wouldn’t you give him that of his guardian angel?

A child with this name will have a life-divine protection effective (many seers and healers as nickname, that of their angel).

The guardian angels which bear the name of god in his male bearing (name ending in EL), are angels with male cosmic characteristics.

The guardian angels which bear the name of god in his female bearing (name ending in IAh), are angels with female cosmic characteristics.

Catholic prayer is here: