VEHUIAH Angel (Uranus)

Vehuiah Angel Mar21,Mar22,Mar23,Mar24,Mar25

From Choir SERAPHINS (Archangel METATRON)

Persons born
between 21 and March 25

VEHUIAH Angel is the Angel of the success of novelty, innovation. Extremely powerful, he promotes success, protects love and develops the fighting, aid to renew situations. He has the power of love and wisdom. His godson all succeeds that it undertakes. He’s loved by the opposite sex. Intelligent and original, he’s equipped for the arts.


VEHUIAH Angel: make that in me; your capacities takes root, make that I would be the carry-flag, the first and the hero that which, by your grace, advances the Human ones. Let me enter your abundant energy, with which we make miracles. Free me, Lord, turbulence and anger, and let me find an appropriate receptacle to express your gifts. Transmit to me your sagacity, your subtlety so that I can hear, your Divine Voice, and so that I can contemplate the sublimates splendor of your icon. O VEHUIAH Angel! Would be the Blacksmith I will be the anvil, would be the Blower I will be the crystal, would be the Alchemist I will be the crucible. I want to be the fire of your fire, the light of your Light.