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The Choir of Angels-Archangels
(Archangel Mikael)

People born
between 1 and January 5

NEMAMIAH Angel is the URANUS Angel face of Mercury energies and is the highest Angel his Choir. He’s the Angel of prosperity and greatness of soul. He promotes health liberation and lucidity. He also releases mental provisions that trap. His godson is a medium who abhors the routine and commonplace. He sees broad and hates pettiness.


NEMAMIAH Angel: Since I must direct the strategy of my battles in the Company that Love and Beauty are my goals, Lord! Help me, NEMAMIAH Angel, so that there is no other purpose, other project, to me, that of building on Earth, which already exists in heaven. Give me courage to face my responsibilities, and lucidity to achieve things in a timely manner, without haste, without leapfrogging, although without unnecessary pauses. I want to fight and advance to the Promised Land, but keeps me enter them in advance, because my first duty is to succeed here and now (with your providential assist).

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