MENADEL Angel (March)

Menadel Angel Sep18,Sep19,Sep20,Sep21,Sep22,Sep23

From Choir POWERS
(Archangel CAMAËL)

People born between 18 and September 23

MENADEL Angel is a Martian Angel, who serves the Archangel Martian, CAMAEL. He’s the angel of liberation. He promotes the prisoners and releases those who are in error. He relies on to keep his job. His harmony is protected through the difficulty. He must perform difficult tasks to be himself. If he invokes his guardian, he succeeds more easily.


MENADEL Angel: Help me Lord, to erase my memory, my dark past. Make that the seven veils of oblivion fall on what I was, and I do not want to ever be. Occupy yourself, my Guardian angel, to destroy the nostalgia which persecutes me; also move away, of me, forever, the savor of the old amusing practices, which so a long time retained me captive in the materialism of the World. I want to fly away towards the Light; I want to get you, MENADEL Angel, a Passport and Visa, to return, in spirit and in truth, my heavenly homeland. I want to hear the sidereal Concert, the music of the spheres, the crackle of Stars in their space race. The toil hard day for me is finished; I climb to you, with my soul in charge of experiences. Wood, Angel! Wood, savor the nectar of my cup, full of my experiences. What you give me, I do grow. Anything is possible when you walk Hand in Hand with your Guardian Angel!