MEBAHIAH Angel (Mercury)

Mebahiah Angel Dec22,Dec23,Dec24,Dec25,Dec26

(Archangel HANIEL)

People born between
22 and December 26

MEBAHIAH Angel regent energies of Mercury, a chorus of Principalities whole will use those of the Archangel HAMEL, which are from VENUS. The union of these two forces (energy) that this Guardian Angel is the bearer of fertility (Venus) and eloquence (Mercury), depending on the accuracy of Traditional Text. HIRAM King of TYR, builder of the first Temple of Jerusalem (that of King Solomon), had this to MEBAHIAH Angel favors large enterprises, projects, intellect and thought. The godson of this angel is able of carrying out large companies. Intelligent and very active, he knows how to speak, and his ideas are numerous.


MEBAHIAH Angel: Give me, O Lord, the physical strength of a SAMSON, to carry on my shoulders – without being overwhelmed – Your Eternal Truth. What my physical strength is the image of your moral and spiritual power. Find me, MEBAHIAH Angel; be useful for your work in the World. I want to be your carpenter, blacksmith tone, your plumber, your builder, which is drafting a part of things, (apparently) little things that allow the truth to accommodate, to take place, to feel the comfortable in the material life; actions that allow the truth to settle in the homes of Humans. MEBAHIAH Angel by you, you can pass the large and small, things help me, help us to move towards success.