MAHASIAH Angel (Sun)

Mahasiah Angel Apr10,Apr11,Apr12,Apr13,Apr14

From Choir SERAPHINS (Archangel METATRON)

People born
between 10 and April 14

MAHASIAH Angel is the Angel of balance and healing. He promotes physical appearance, moral strength, curiosity and the ability to learn. He helps to pass the examinations and tests, door luck in the job. His godson is a balanced personality, although he has also tended to want to be right at any price. He may, however, play a conciliatory role. His physical appearance is very attractive.


MAHASIAH Angel: Do not allow the virtues, and the powers that drop you in my soul, become obstacles to my development. Do I understand, MAHASIAH Angel, before succeed, I must reconcile myself with those who were once my fellow life (friends or enemies). Help me Lord, to overcome hardships, so I didn’t identify the tribulation. And when your energies will have cleaned all corners of my soul, Accepts me, Lord, as your minister on Earth as the bearer of Love, Peace and Wealth (moral and material) that you represent, and you grant to me.

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