YERATEL Angel (Jupitary)

Yeratel Angel Aug2,Aug3,Aug4,Aug5,Aug6

(Archangel HESEDIEL)

People born
between 2 and August 6

YERATEL Angel is the angel of the organization and the divine order. In him, resplendent powers creators of Seraphim, LOVE-WISDOM of the Cherubim, the legal capacity of Thrones, and the power to organize new worlds. He promotes the chance; solve personal and collective problems, makes hopes, give peace and optimism. His godson is an « elected gods », he enjoys superior protection.


YERATEL Angel: Lord, let me use the virtues acquired throughout my lives for, with them, illuminate the dark part of my world and my life. I want to be a river of fire that can come clean with me, all those who want it. Allows me to distribute the flame to all those who have not yet received their share of Eternal Truth. Help me, YERATEL Angel to fly over that is profane and then enter in the domain of the sacred, holy, help me to find my place in the Cosmos. Make that my intelligence is a reflection of Your Divine Knowledge, and in my soul, the thirst for action, to learn (one learns that acting) would never extinguished. And when my mind will detach from my body, to climb beyond itself, lead me to the Lord: face to face.