REIYEL Angel (Sun)

Reiyel Angel Aug13,Aug14,Aug15,Aug16,Aug17


People born
between 13 and August 17

REIYEL Angel is the face (facet) solar HESEDIEL-JUPITERY. He’s the angel of religious feeling and know best. He promotes spirituality and communication with high entities. Animate the consciousness of a beneficial intuition. His godson has a highly religious spirit; his conscience dictates to them the best conduct. He’s armed against his opponents.


REIYEL Angel: Lord, you chose me to be the vehicle of your Word! Watch therefore, that my soul is pure and clear in order to demonstrate your thought. Dish the dirt, obstacles (that my personality deadly interpose) so that the flow of your Light flows freely, thoroughly. Release to me enemies who wish to divert me of my goal; and of the friends who retain me captive of the false values to the mode. Get me a home where I can meditate at the same time that leading a normal life. Fill me with enthusiasm and zeal to spread what my Ego sees. Don’t permit that by my conduct, I betray me what you do proclaim. Encourage me, REIYEL Angel a burning desire to devote myself to make service. I want to be one of the providers of virtues, talents and powers, your right hand.