ACHAIAH Angel (Mercury)

Achaiah Angel Apr21,Apr22,Apr23,Apr24,Apr25

From Choir SÉRAPHINS (Archangel METATRON)

Persons born
between 21 and April 25

ACHAIAH Angel has the power of intelligence and Understanding of Mercury’s energy, in addition to those (uranus love) of its Choir, managed by the Archangel RAZIEL. He’s the Angel of intelligence, and understanding. It promotes kindness, practice sense, the liveliness of mind. He solves problems, removes worries, help to play an intermediary role. His protected is gifted with a great practice sense and a keen intelligence. He succeeds in communication skills and knows how to solve difficult situations.


ACHAIAH Angel: If I was elected by you for the hard work of discovering the truth in small things, do, Lord, let my intelligence does not lost in the maze of complex material’s situations. Grant that my intellect is always connected to the eternal source of your light so that I know well discern what is essential, even hidden or disguised in transient forms. Let the message that I send to my brothers, is a path to unity, for only by my patient effort, Humans can see the pure light of the Worlds to Top. My angel, my guide and my guardian gives me the courage to push my intelligence, always beyond!