IEZALEL Angel (Sun)

Iezalel Angel May21,May22,May23,May24,May25

(Archangel Raziel)

Persons born between 21 and May 25

Iezalel Angel is the Fifth Cherub carries the union of energies of Uranus and the Sun. He’s the angel of the union and unity. He supports the bringing together, the feelings, the union, the unification, fusion, the relations between men and women, sexual passion. His godson is inhabited by a desire for union and a huge thirst for affection. He may become a fountain of love for others and play a unifying role. He’s faithful and tender.


IEZALEL Angel: Give me Lord, the fair measure of gifts and powers that you accord me for that my imagination and reason, are not the master of my life. Grant that my desire to accept the commandments of my mind, and that loyalty prevails among my wishes. Help me, Angel, Lord, to remember the moral victories of my past, and doesn’t allow me to express the error. Move me away, of all that is superfluous, unimportant, ridiculous or tiny. Stirs my interest for what is eternal, so I can express beauty and harmony, joy in life! I want to be the emissary of the eternal truth.