YELAHIAH Angel (March)

Yelahiah Angel Oct29,Oct30,Oct31,Nov1,Nov2

From Choir Solar VERTUS
(Archangel RAPHAEL)

People born between
October 29 and November 2

YELAHIAH Angel, introduced in the chorus of Virtues, energy Martian he conducts his godson to Victory in all kinds of struggles, He’s the « Jeanne d’Arc » of the Angels. He’s the angel of victory. He promotes careers and any military control. This angel is a support for just causes. His godson is a wrestler in social life. He facilitates victory by invoking his angel before and after each major action.


YELAHIAH Angel: If I was chosen by you, as an instrument of your Justice, keeps me inside of your light, and don’t let my feelings spill, pushing me to do justice, myself. Guide me, YELAHIAH Angel towards the Book of Wisdom, where I can inform myself on Divine Laws; on the organization and functioning of the Cosmos. Let me succeed in jobs in work and in Enterprise, useful (really) with human and divine work. And, since your Force will be given to me, make me the hero who, by his behavior, brought to the Company a masterful leap forward.

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