VEULIAH Angel (Jupiter)

Veuliah Angel Oct24,Oct25,Oct26,Oct27,Oct28

From Choir Solar VIRTUE
(Archangel RAPHAEL)

People born between
24 and October 28

VEULIAH Angel is a Solar Angel (Virtue) regent, inside his Choir, energy of JUPITARY carriers of life, abundance, wealth and joy. He’s the angel of peace achieved through war. He promotes inner struggle for personal growth. In return he gives joy and abundant wealth. His godson must be detached from his problems to live a bright life. He generally leaves a precarious situation to reach, later, abundance in his life.


VEULIAH Angel: Let the light shine in my inner, so my feelings are coping with the requirements of the universal moral order, natural. Grant that my love takes pleasure to all that is noble and high. Let my inner energy is projected to sublime objectives, and works to help. What my feelings, VEULIAH Angel, may well become part of my mentality, that my desires (the most noble) inspire my reason for that, because feelings and lead to acts that enrich my conscience and my existence. Since I was appointed by you, VEULIAH Angel, to participate in your war, preserve me any hatred and resentment throughout; violence is in the of your Justice; that my arm is that of Virtue and Justice (Charity). Grant to me, Lord, the gift of a generous Justice in my heart, and the grace of a prosperous existence.