ELEMIAH Angel (March)

Elemiah Angel Apr5,Apr6,Apr7,Apr8,Apr9


People born
between 5 and April 9

ELEMIAH Angel is the Angel of repair. He restores the normal functioning of all things. He promotes leadership, courage and fighting spirit, success and enrichment. He’s pragmatic, gives enthusiasm. His godson is a good repair. He’s handy, clever and knows how to get the power.


ELEMIAH Angel: Lord, who hides his face in the spiral of human affairs: if your finger, powerful, appointed me, me to shape your clay, protects me, help me, and doesn’t allow that in the eyes of World, I endorse myself. Let me discover the eternal source of your light and your love. Am my steps ELEMIAH Angel, my angel and my guide, and don’t allow that an excessive ambition seizes me, don’t let that a too heavy karma falls on me, as a screed lead. When I’ll know when I’ll understand, when your hidden face will be revealed to me, my big love, huge, like an arrow will fly to him, to her, to all, to you.

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