HEKAMIAH Angel (Moon)

Hekamiah Angel Jun6,Jun7,Jun8,Jun9,Jun10

(Archangel Raziel)

People born
between 6 and June 10

HEKAMIAH Angel is the 8th Cherub regent energy Uranus-Moon. He’s the angel images and vision, power and authority. He promotes a particular elevation, wealth and fame. His godson exerts a natural capacity which he can develop advisedly. He has a global view of situations. He’s a respected and powerful being. His activity is often in the world of image.


HEKAMIAH Angel: Since you appointed me to build the new universe, to bring them to the Human beyond, I ask you to encourage my action. Lord HEKAMIAH Angel, I am not taking interest to me as if I am wrong, if my light does not allow the Human to understand you, critics will focus on you. And people will say: « Why God gave wealth and power in this one? » Maintenances in me a High Spirituality, does not allow myself to become a dark passions stirring often my heart. Give me your hand so that I can always work to make the world what you grant me. I’ll do that people drink from streams your Light.