ARIEL Angel (Venus)

Ariel Angel Nov8,Nov9,Nov10,Nov11,Nov12

From Choir Solar VERTUS
(Archangel RAPHAËL)

People born between
8 and November 12

Ariel Angel which regent at the same time Venusians and solar energies. The Traditional text said that we invokes that the Guardian to see, in advance, our future. He bears the title of « god Developer », and can help us to discover hidden treasures. He’s the angel of money and material goods he promotes financial enrichment, the freedom of enterprise. We invoke this angel for more resources. His godson is expected to make greats discoveries: a spiritual treasure or big supply equipment that will change the course of his life.


ARIËL: Lord, I want to reach my nets subject, go to your infinite spaces, your spiritual world. I want to exceed the real world hardware, for saturate me of eternity! Highlight me, Angel ARIËL, all the secrets locked deep in your God, so I can send them to the League of Human, my brothers. Light me, O Lord my perception of spiritual center, so that I can reveal and show to my fellow human beings, hidden treasures, asleep somewhere in the depths of my being, and their beings. And then give me the grace to success my life, because my success will be your success and that one of the Creator and Master of the Universe, for the greater properties of all.