VASARIAH Angel (Moon)

Vasariah Angel Aug29,Aug30,Aug31,Sep1,Sep2

(Archangel HESEDIEL)

People born between
August 29 and September 2

VASARIAH Angel linked to the lunar powers, but acts in the vibration level the lowest in the CHOIR OF DOMINATIONS, the most petrified and, therefore, he’s clear that the Guardian’s influence most intensely and is the one who can help us more radically. He’s the angel of the great of this world. He promotes the improvement of situations. His protection is extremely strong. Allows to obtain advantages of the powerful ones. His godson is usually a voluntary person, powerful or influential, or which can by calling upon this angel, increase his capacity.


VASARIAH Angel: You have made Lord, a very heavy burden on my fragile shoulders. My past lives, makes inevitable the fact that now I must try my brothers; defend their rights or force them to face the consequences of their actions. Manifest yourself, VASARIAH Angel, so I am a model of justice. If I am obliged to convey the severity, help me never seem insolent setting out the sentences. Help me to feel for my brothers, what I consider a sympathy solidarity, which will make more bearable the weight of punishment. In any circumstance, do that by your grace, I am a humble servant of the law, and never the arm of an arbitrary and unjust earthly power.