LEUVIAH Angel (Jupiter)

Leuviah Angel Jun22,Jun23,Jun24,Jun25,Jun26

From Choir TRHONES
(Archangel BINAEL)

People born
between 22 and June 26

LEUVIAH Angel is the Guardian Angel of the 3rd Choir Thrones of JUPITER represents the of Saturn energy. You should know that this is HESEDIEL-JUPITER which has transformed the world (inherited BINAEL-SATURNE) in the lush garden called Eden. He’s the angel of the measure. He represents the paradise in the sense that he gives all things their ideal dimensions. Neither excess nor insufficiency, but a perfect balance. He promotes harmony adequacy of means and ends, prudence, modesty and good humor. His godson knows how to manage his ambitions. Always happy, he knows just make decisions and undertakes projects feasible. He still believes the common good.


LEUVIAH Angel: Cleans, Lord my memory (unconscious and conscious) of all pollutants elements. Moved away from my dreams the monstrous alarming images; and make that my imaginations have a direction; so that by expressing them, my human brothers can see the future Universe, without borders, in which resplendent happiness will have to exist. Allow, LEUVIAH Angel, which I find my balance point between my physical reality and my reality imaginative so I can prepare a World, which today is beyond the human.