LELAHEL Angel (Venus)

Lelahel Angel Apr15,Apr16,Apr17,Apr18,Apr19,Apr20

From Choir SÉRAPHINS (Archangel METATRON)

People born
between 15 and April 20

Lelahel Angel is the Angel of power beautification, not only of the human form but also the surrounding world. He promotes magnetism, physical beauty and everything that relates to the ornament, including lifestyle. His godson is a Venusians nature whose seduction is often remarkable. He has a sense of beauty and knows how to attract rich people. He’s innovative and not too conformist.


LELAHEL Angel: I thank you Lord for this stop, the way that you offer me. I want LELAHEL Angel share with my brothers, the abundance of goods that you surround me. Inspire me, Lord, the vocation to heal the sick, the desire to restore balance souls in crisis. If my memory should remain in the World, I ask that we remember, only my works of Kindness, Generosity, high usefulness. That love that inspires you, I can also inspire, and my ambition is to be the bearer of solutions for all happy, and therefore, happy solutions to the work of the Divine World.