NELCHAEL Angel (Sun)

Nelchael Angel Jul2,Jul3,Jul4,Jul5,Jul6

From Choir TRÔNES
(Archangel BINAEL)

People who were borned
between July the second and July the sixth

NELCHAEL Angel represent solar energies that BINAEL-SATURNE has. He is the Guardian Angel of the awareness of the floor and fidelity. This Guardian Angel internalizes the law, promotes mathematics, science abstract philosophy. NELCHAEL Angel helps to neutralizes charm, slander, bad spells and malice. His godson is a being of justice and word. He’s true to its commitments. The moral philosophy of his godson is very high.


NELCHAEL Angel: Let my plan for the future, is not a simple game, an empty dream. Allows that casting nets my imagination, in your starry World, I can go back to my brothers and sisters with an abundant fishing truth above, useful, profitable spiritually and materially. Make circulate in my veins the breath of eternity. Grant that my intellect devise a Palace for the Spirit, so that the hard black stones of my past, I can build, construct, with my hands, the new universe, happiness and joy.

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