HAAMIAH Angel (Venus)

Haamiah Angel Sep29,Sep30,Oct1,Oct2,Oct3

From Choir POWERS
(Archangel CAMAEL)

People born between
September 29 and October 3

HAAMIAH Angel is the Angel regent energy of Venus in the chorus of Martian Powers. He’s the angel of tenderness shared. He’s a great power of love that makes men down from the beauty of heaven. He also promotes the beauty, art, spirituality. He protects from any aggressiveness, accident or ill will. All lovers can invoke this angel. His godson is a being sensitive and deep which carries out a peaceful life and it is predisposed to live a great love.


HAAMIAH Angel: Purifies Lord, my feelings, aside from me, what does not fit with the Divine rules. Grant that my heart wants only what you, HAAMIAH Angel, like, for me, from heaven. Teach me, Lord Art combine water (my feelings) with fire (I Will) so that stops me, the struggle between these two « brothers ». And when I reached my inner peace, and that I will be able to maintain a positive and useful (to my neighbor and myself), I ask you to grant me the attributes of logic and reason so, with my family, I can resurrect, in the heart of your Men Truth, as it is and Happiness will prevail in the World.