JABAMIAH Angel (Venus)

Jabamiah Angel Mar6,Mar7,Mar8,Mar9,Mar10

From the chorus of Angels-Angels
(Archangel Gabriel)

People born
between 6 and March 10

JABAMIAH Angel is the face of the Venusians Choir (lunar) Angels.
He’s the most powerful guardian angel; we can invoke him for any issue. He can do everything. He’s responsible for guiding the dead in another world. Who can call upon this Angel can control the things. His godson has a source of infinite energy and can accomplish anything he wants.


JABAMIAH Angel: producer of all things, makes me sink, aware of your Word (your vibration, your energies). Fill me your presence, so that when the Company will help me to the action, either your force to act, your voice to order, your divine Engineering, which built. Regenerate in me, JABAMIAH Angel, anything that isn’t in conformity with the divine law. And guard me, Lord, thinking that my works are mine because, actually, I’ve realized through you. Allow that the circumstances are favorable, encouraging for me to the realization of my projects, my wishes, and places in front of me the people who agree to make bear fruit, to make succeed, which, thanks to you, I want to undertake.