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The Choir of Angels-Archangels
(Archangel Mikael)

People born
between 6 and January 10

YEIALEL Angel is an Angel regent of Mercury Energy (through his membership in Choir ANGELS-ARCHANGELS) at the same time that energy of Saturn (by his personality or position in the Cosmos). He’s the Angel of the scientific spirit. He promotes science, discoveries, reasoning and clarity. His godson has the clear, patient and analytical spirit. He may also become a scientifically rigorous. His intelligence is incisive, penetrating and he expresses it with force.


YEIALEL Angel: Arms my arm, O Lord, so that I act with my eyes turned to the Lord, so that my constructions are used to lodge the Happiness of the human ones. Place, YEIALEL Angel, my intelligence to serve the real needs, not that I would not use it to prove the merits of my prejudices. Grant that my struggle has always, at any time, a useful purpose beneficial to the Community to which I belong and myself, for the benefit of my family. Guard me, YEIALEL Angel of violence; doing because I am always able to sell rather than destroy them. Guard, Lord, your hand, your protection on me, lead me to the fullness.