HAZIEL Angel (Uranus)

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(Archangel Raziel)

People born
between 1 and May 5

Haziel Angel is the first Guardian angels of the Chorus of Cherub. He’s the angel of love and forgiveness. He promotes the whole story of love or friendship. This Angel allows loving and be loved. He also grants the discharge of the faults, dissipates the anguish, carries chance to those which seek the harmony and not the argument. His godson arouses friendship and love of all. The Providence reigns over his life, his vibrations restore harmony around him.


HAZIEL Angel : I ask you, only, Seigneur, that by me your mercy be able to appear. What I can find relief those who, by law of life, are committed to the Column of the rigor. Because everything will be provided me with largesse, do pay attention, HAZIEL Oh, my spirit toward sharing. Place me in the way of those who live the experience of severity, so they can see in my behavior, the promise of a life less difficult and happier.

The powers of the guardian angel Haziel are large:

Love, forgiveness, friendship, harmony, absolution of sins, dispels fear, lucky.