PAHALIAH Angel (March)

Pahaliah Angel Jun27,Jun28,Jun29,Jun30,Jul1

From Choir THRONES
(Archangel BINAEL)

People born
between June 27 and July 1,

PAHALIAH Angel is the regent of the March energies of BINAEL-SATURNY, registrar for the restoration of Cosmic Law in the World. The struggle against the enemies of Universal order will be the topic where this Guardian Angel provides greatest assistance to the individual. He’s the angel of combat. He fight for truth and for the restoration of cosmic order. He helps those who fight for their principles. He’s a very powerful angel. He promotes conflict, working to restore order and justice. His godson need for equity and advocates for this principle. He seeks to control their impulses and he’s very demanding with himself.


PAHALIAH Angel: Illuminate, O Lord, my faith so that I can contemplate since Your Door the Truth of the Worlds where Reason cannot, still, penetrate. Grant, Lord, that my voice gives others the sublime taste of your evidence, and that I become, for those who were lost along the way, a sign of good symbols. Bring, PAHALIAH Angel, my energy by water channels that the brain so that I can create (procreate) with my higher bodies, instead of wasting my seed in vain erotic games. Let me meet people who need your splendor, because I would like to transmit the germ to Eternity.