MIHAEL Angel (Moon)

Mihael Angel Nov18,Nov19,Nov20,Nov21,Nov22

From Choir Solar VERTUS
(Archangel RAPHAËL)

People born between
18 and November 22

MIHAEL Angel regent lunar energy in the solar Choir; he directs married life (the life of couples), and is fertilizing agent for excellence. He’s the angel of marriage and pleasures. He promotes married life, fertility and love. Like the entire angels moon, he reigns on the vision (images, art, cinema …). His godson has much strength with the other sex and has a chance to lead a harmonious life as a couple. He loves pleasures, travel and more varied experiences.


MIHAEL Angel: Allows me, Lord, to transmit the life, doing everything that flourish around me, and deposited me in good seed, so that everything that spring, to me, is worthy of your gaze and gaze at the LORD. I want to, MIHAEL Angel that my current (and temporary) darkening born your Light, that my sacrifice is born a fountain of life. I want you to drops in my hands the magic wand which finds the deep water sources so that I can rise in the earth, often barren of Human thy Divine Water, which emanates from the Fire Creator, and that will produce the fertile and fruitful abundance in everything, everywhere, and for all.