HARAEL Angel (Jupiter)

Harael Angel jan11,jan12,jan13,jan14,jan15

The Choir of Angels-Archangels
(Archangel Mikaël)

People born
between 11 and January 15

HARAEL Angel is the Guardian the most successful, most productive of all the angels! The fertility that he provides comes from the combination of Mercury and Jupiter energies, that he regent. He’s the Angel of intellectual fertility. He promotes all the works of the spirit, media productions (publishing, printing, radio, TV, cinema …). He helps to realize his capabilities. His godson is very active in the field of literature and media. His intelligence is powerful and positive.


HARAËL: I want, Lord that, if by the praiseworthy acts of my lives passed, you reduce from the Sky, gold for me, also, I arms, of a burning desire all to invest in the promotion of your Reign. Give me, Angel HARAËL, a level of wisdom which enables me to use the power and the richness that you will grant to me more and more so that my Life (and Life of all) becomes increasingly easy, joke, pleasant, creative, expansive, high and useful. Give me a taste and leadership to serve, give me the desire to give generously, give me the Will, firm and determined to be the one that transmits the agent, the distributor, of Your Kindness among the Human ones so that the World is happy, and can, finally! To work according to the Divine Law.