MANAKEL Angel(Saturn)

Manakel Angel Feb15,Feb16,Feb17,Feb18,Feb19

From the chorus of Angels-Angels (Archangel Gabriel)

People born
between 15 and February 19

Manakel Angel is the face of Saturn Choir lunar of Angel, he prints the Act (Saturn) at the Centre of Images (Moon).
He’s the Angel of stability; Saturn promotes sustainable employment and the job situation rooting and justice. His godson is both modest and serious: you can count on him. He may thus become administrator of goods or embrace a legal career or in conjunction with the law.


MANAKEL Angel, who owns the Force which changes the pure darkness to light, helps me out of the darkness of mediocrity. Allows that I can escape stationary situations, routine, and frees me (as) practical considerations. Help me to discover, MANAKELAngel ! What is divine in my inside. Show yourself to your benevolent godson: heal my pain (physical and moral). Help me to always be kind and nice. Stirs my intuition so I understand the messages that you give me in my dreams, and helps me, too, to get rid of my bad qualities (physical and moral), so that you, I can fully realize my life projects.