Pray well

 Pray to the Guardians Angels

To Pray
To Pray

Before Pray, we must remind you that prayer should never replace traditional medicine, but always it will be a very valuable assistance.

Where and when should we pray?

You should know that the first two hours after sunrise,
represent the best time to apply for and obtain the grace
of good health, or healing.

We must find a few moments of solitude, tranquility at home, office, in full campaign, or a better peace of a church.

The patient can pray, lying on his bed, but the best position is still sitting.

After reading and pronounced the entreaty,
the person must make his request with precision
and simple words, like if speaking to her own mother
or his own father.
First in silence by the thought, then aloud or in hushed tones
but heard itself.

The prayer for healing may be restarted at any time.

We can request for different people, different situations,
and thus implement different devotions.
In these cases it’s advisable to pass 20 minutes
from the end of an orison and the beginning of another.

Guardian Angel to find the most favorable for a particular disease, in the search field type the name of your evil and you will automatically be routed to the Angels most likely to treat you.