CALIEL Angel (Saturn)

Caliel Angel Jun16,Jun17,Jun18,Jun19,Jun20,Jun21

From Choir TRÔNES (Archangel BINAËL)

Persons born
between 16 and of June 21

Caliel Angel, THRONE-ANGËL governs the energies of Saturn. He’s revealing of the truth, for this is BINAËL-SATURNE which establishes and gives his shape. CALIËL is the bearer of truth, and that is through his godsons than the truth may emerge. He’s the angel of the authenticity of evidence, physical evidence of the truth. He promotes the revelations, placing the best day, the restoration of truth. His godson love justice and sincerity. For him, only the facts are important. He knows to assert his views and has a strong sense.


CALIËL: Allows me, Lord that my intelligence is always at the service of just causes. Free me, from the temptation to use my ingenuity in a vain display of my faculties. When your Forces will go me beyond myself, rest with me for inspire me caution. Grant that my logic is your logic, and that my interest in the other is motivated by love that you tender to all, who need you. Angel CALIËL, makes me understand the world of outlaw, and if I have to judge them, not ever separates me, Eternal Goodness.