HARIEL Angel (Mercury)

Hariel Angel Jun1,Jun2,Jun3,Jun4,Jun5

(Archangel Raziel)

People born
between 1 and June 5

Hariel Angel, the 7th Cher is the regent of energy-Uranus Mercury. He’s the angel of the inner life of purity, knowledge and spiritual progress. He supports scientific progress and of the spirit. He makes shine the intelligence and supports clearness. He helps the writers, researchers and thinkers. His godson has a passion for science and writing, loving authenticity and truth. Driven mainly by the power of love, his godson can become a great thinker, a great scientific or a spiritual man / woman.


HARIEL: Cleans, Angel Lord, my desires so that my mouth expresses only words pleasant and useful. Give me, HARIEL Angel , strength and courage to face my destiny and change well, the harm I have done. Place your light in me to reconcile my heart with my right. That my truth is your Truth, that my beliefs and my actions will never deviate from the Act of Ten words. Make ego an open Door so that atheists and idolize can discover you and love you.