UMABEL Angel (Sun)

Umabel Angel jan21,jan22,jan23,jan24,jan25

From Choir of Angels-Archangels
(Archangel Mikaël)

Persons born
between 21 and January 25

UMABEL Angel is the aspect of solar energy Mercury (governed by the Archangel MIKAEL).
He’s the Angel of self-knowledge. He chairs the art of astrology. He promotes awareness, introspection, mathematics and physics. His godson is a person infinitely sensitive to the immense heart. He’s inhabited by presentiments which are mostly fair.


UMABEL Angel: That my passions are, Lord, those to love and bless my family and God. That my burning wish is that to be useful to my next and myself. That my search, even in my for interior, doesn’t have another goal only to find you in me; your force in my weakness. You are, UMABEL Angel, my future. Don’t move away from me so that all those around me in search of a friend, support, you can find you, through me. By your Force and my Will I be able to fully succeed and to succeed my neighbor. I count on your presence and your love for me.

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