JELIEL Angel (Saturn)

Jeliel Angel Mar26,Mar27,Mar28,Mar29,Mar30

From Choir SÉRAPHINS (Archangel METATRON)

People born between 26 and March 30

Jeliel Angel is the Angel of concrete. He promotes rootedness, reconciliation and diplomacy and all matters relating to land and the stone building, farming. This Angel gives strength and tranquility. He levels the litigations. His godson is faithful, reliable, and he succeeds in construction, real estate, and hotel. He’s generally fine diplomat enabling him to forge lasting relationships.


JELIEL Angel: Lend helps me and assistance, Lord of Light Resplendent so I can remove the confusion and bring about clarity. Allows me, Lord JELIEL always keep my own thoughts, straight, clear and without any deviations. I want to be that, through your power, gives advice useful and selfless, always constructive. Let the voice that springs from the depths of my conscience directs my life and control as the rider dominates his horse, so that my reason dominates my instincts. Give me your light and your grace, so that at any time and any place, I am useful to others and to myself.

Some complementary skills of Jeliel Angel 

Real Estate, Diplomacy, Ground, Hotel …