MITZRAEL Angel (March)

Mitzrael Angel jan16,jan17,jan18,jan19,jan20

The Choir of Angels-Archangels
(Archangel Mikaël)

Persons born
between 16 and January 20

MITZRAEL Angel is the face (aspect) Martian energies of Mercury expressed overall by the Choir ANGELS-ARCHANGELS, under the authority of the Archangel MIKAEL (St Michel). He’s the angel of intellectual work. He promotes the corrections, rectification. He serves to renew to renovate. He invokes before the examinations in studies, research. His godson is gifted to succeed in the intellectual sector. He triumph during his exams and excelled in the cultural field.


MITZRAEL Angel: Cleans Lord, the conduits of my body, so your sublime energies can move without encountering any obstacle. Make, MITZRAEL Angel that I can live according to my highest potential, so to be able to create around me, your divine harmony, your divine wisdom, your divine wealth (moral and material) Do not allow my talent (which the talent that you offers to me) is above my honesty, because I want to also serve as an example. Give me faithful to the World of Angels, so that all my words, all my actions are a reflection of the Heavenly Life, filled with light and Joy.