HAAIAH Angel (Saturn)

Haaiah Angel Jul28,Jul29,Jul30,Jul31,Aug1

(Archangel HESEDIEL)

People born between
July 28 and August 1

HAAIAH Angel is the angel to defend causes and ambitions. HAAIAH Angel promotes judicial actions, trials, legal affairs. Favorably influence the verdict of the judges. His godson has the right spirit and subtle sense of justice; he can make a career in law or in politics. He’s highly moral, caring and absolutely fair.


HAAIAH Angel: I wish, Lord, be on Earth, the depositary of your Light, a worthy bearer of Your Book. And if you grant the capacity to me to arbitrate conflicts between peoples, help me so that I can bring solutions from the high human point of view; while thinking of the happiness of people, and in harmony with the gears which advance Your Universe. Wake up in me concern for true spirituality, so that the Light that you me offers makes ego your Ambassador, your associate in the work of the World; so that thus I can realize, usefully, my Life, in the Joy, Peace, Richness (moral and material), Happiness.

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