HAHEUIAH Angel (Moon)

Haheuiah Angel Jul17,Jul18,Jul19,Jul20,Jul21,Jul22

From Choir THRONES
(Archangel BINAEL)

People born
between 17 and July 22

HAHEUIAH Angel is the lowest Guardian Angel Choir of Thrones, i.e., one that is closest to our physical reality. He is the regent energy SATURN MOON. HAHEUIAH Angel is the angel of the maternal spirit. He protects inferior life and what is growing. He’s the angel who takes care of men. He promotes the life, health, reproduction, the full moral and physical. Assists lost and fugitives. His godson has the gift of care and brings the fullness to those who lost. He’s compassionate and motherly. He knows console. He may be a doctor or healer.


HAHEUIAH Angel: You are my Guardian Angel, be my teacher, my guide, because without you, I am likely to lose me in way. You made me so, Lord that I can only myself in my dreams, and even, that my dreams become realities, I could violate the laws. Take me under your supervision and lead me to light situations without upheavals, so my thoughts are clear and I can understand and understand you. Because, I want to be the Stone of angle your work: useful to myself, my neighbor and Divine work.