CHAVAKIAH Angel (Jupiter)

Chavakiah Angel Sep13,Sep14,Sep15,Sep16,Sep17

From Choir POWERS
(Archangel CAMAËL)

People born between
13 and September 17

CHAVAKIAH Angel is an Angel of Jupiter, whose work, it prompts us to achieve, we must renew this mythical Eden that one day we had to leave. He’s the angel of reconciliation. It promotes all efforts to meet what is the opposite. The task of this angel is to help the man to approach the Garden of Eden. He’s the first step of this journey. His godson is a born conciliator. This activity takes place in the conflict and hostility that his work contributes to erase.


CHAVAKIAH Angel: Help me Lord, so that the voice of me is coming to my understanding. Help me, Lord, to understand the language of the Angels. Help me, CHAVAKIAH Angel: deposited in me the necessary strength to break the links which attach me to my practices, and thus be able to undertake a new life. Help me, CHAVAKIAH Angel, to find the physical place appropriate, to create a new universe; inspires me, O Lord, for I find the words and gestures just and useful to build here, a world similar to that up there. Help me to build the New Paradise.