HAHAHEL Angel (Uranus)

Hahahel Angel Oct14,Oct15,Oct16,Oct17,Oct18

From Choir Solar VERTUS
(Archangel RAPHAËL)

People born between
14 and October 18

Hahahel Angel is a Goalkeeper which regulates solar energy and URANUS; conscience of the person (his type of solar energy) will capture therefore WISDOM-LOVE, instilled by the energy of Uranus. He’s the angel of the essentials. He promotes healing, peace, unselfishness spirituality. He should be evoked for the essential questions. His godson is not very comfortable in society. He fled the social events and what is purely material. He always wants to go to the essentials. He may be a gift of healing hands.


HAHAHËL: Transmits me, Lord, your breath, and it becomes in me as strong and powerful arm woodcutter, when hit with his axe! Your message must penetrate me intensely, so that not a single drop of your love may be lost in frivolous banalities, social events. Help me Angel HAHAHËL so that Love, which I receive from you, enriches my own human love, guaranteed by my behavior, by my works, my sacrifices to serve my family. Don’t tolerate that my lips require other, what I do, myself, perform, but keeps me attached to your light, so I can at any time and any place, be your messenger.