DANIEL Angel (Saturn)

Daniel Angel Nov28,Nov29,Nov30,Dec1,Dec2

(Archangel HANIËL)

People born between
November 28 and December 2

Daniel Angel manages the energies of Saturn and Venus. He inoculated kindness, beauty and harmony to the human laws. He’s the angel of mercy. It promotes justice and businesses. We call upon him in the event of litigation or of lawsuit. His godson is good advice and gifted with a great spirit of conciliation. He may thus exercise activity lawyer. He’s also good for singing and eloquence.


DANIËL: Insufflate in me the virtue of rejuvenating with my momentum, beings and things do, Lord, I can reveal to others their own potential asleep. And do, Angel DANIËL, which I represent, for all, the birth of new hope. Whether through me, you discover the freshness, grace and the fragrance of eternity, lying in stone and, at the same time, is revealed clearly the real effect, caving, moral resources for changing situations, apparently irremediable. What I can, DANIËL, be the one who brings his family, his neighbor of the doubt, uncertainty, the vagueness, worries, concerns, one that makes them see new opportunities, and , On a real, restores their confidence and joy in life. Allow Lord whom I quite successfully carry out my Life of Human on Earth, and whom with me all those make a success of which leave hard stages of adversity and rigor. Angel DANIËL, with your help, we can succeed.