ASALIAH Angel (Mercury)

Asaliah Angel Nov13,Nov14,Nov15,Nov16,Nov17

From Choir Solar VERTUS
(Archangel RAPHAEL)

People born between
13 and November 17

ASALIAH Angel is an Angel of MERCURY and sun, that the Traditional text called Angel of Justice and Truth, which is a total accuracy (Truth is solar energy, and Justice that one of Mercury). ASALIAH Angel is the angel of the intellect and memory. He’s powerful and effective. It promotes the intellectual work and memorization. We invoke him before the examinations, and to find a solution to complicated problems. His godson is gifted with a sharp intellect and work in the field of thought and study. He has clear ideas and knows how to plan his projects.


ASALIAH Angel: Lord, help me to get away from all darkness. I give up castles materialism for progress in your Promised Land. In a very distant past, I have been manipulated by your, I have been your faithful puppet. More recently I wanted to structure the World, alone, in agreement with Lesson learned once. And now, Lord, I want to act with you, freely and voluntarily: Your hand in my hand: me as human, and you as guardian angel. Your breath in my momentum! I want to let milestones, trademarks, fingerprints, so that those who follow us find a path already mentioned, mapped, marked and find success, that success can be achieved inevitably and without exception, when working in the service of Creation, to serve the work of Divine Project, the Kingdom of Peace and Happiness.