MEBAHEL Angel (Venus)

Mebahel Angel May26,May27,May28,May29,May30,May31

(Archangel Raziel)

People born
between 26 and May 31

MEBAHEL Angel is the sixth Cherub is the regent of energy-Uranus Venus. He’s the angel of inspiration and freedom. He freed the souls and bodies. He promotes the gifts of creation. He can be invoked before any artistic enterprise. His godson can become a great creator, a master. He sees the beauty in everything, big and small. He’s a sensual, generous and exuberant.


MEBAHEL Angel: Give me some powers to build my future in the same way that you have built a wonderful machine of the universe. Inflate Lord, the sails of my feelings, so I can feel in my own flesh, the holy wrath of my brothers when they are humiliated, raped, torn apart by injustice, by violence. Place me, MEBAHEL Angel , at the edge of the Company, so that my words are the sword that breaks into pieces and put everything that is false or devious. I want to fight for tomorrow happy; I want to be one of the architects of your Justice.

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