CAHETHEL Angel (Moon)

Cahethel Angel Apr26,Apr27,Apr28,Apr29,Apr30

From Choir SÉRAPHINS (Archangel METATRON)

People born
between 26 and April 30

Cahethel Angel is the Angel of the water, home, family and fertility. It promotes imagination, and all works related to water, including navigation. He fertilizes all businesses. His godson has a fertile imagination, flourishes in home and succeeded in activities related to land.


CAHETËL: I have received from you, Lord, an infinite number of gifts, and powers. My lips express with ease, the World that you created, and my hands shape your matter of paramount importance. You helped me succeed, Oh CAHETËL! You have placed between you and me, fences, fields, gardens and properties; obstacles, all that move away me from your divine presence. But you have placed in me, so hard to surpass. Do Lord, that this enthusiasm is that there are stronger in me, so I can jump over the barriers, overcome obstacles, pull up me of the beauty of gardens and grounds; defeat also flattery the reputation for running fast to Your Source of Life. Free me, Lord, vanity, and I will free myself easements in abundance.