LAUVIAH 2 Angel  (Uranus)

Lauviah 2 Angel Jun11,Jun12,Jun13,Jun14,Jun15

From choir of the THRONES
(Archangel BINAEL)

People born between
11 and June 15

LAUVIAH 2 Angel is the 1st Guardian angel from Choir of the Saturn Thrones bears the same name as his/her Brother the Angel Cherub-LAUVIAH. LAUVIAH-THRONES expresses Uranus’s energy strongly, within the crystallized framework that Saturn forms. He’s the angel of the joy in life and intuitive knowledge. But to activate this knowledge it’s necessary to call upon the other LAUVIAH, angel of attraction and famous (May 11 to 15). His godson is animated of a very spiritual enthusiasm. He can become a scientist if he concretizes his gifts by calling upon the other angel of the same name. In the contrary case, his talents are consumed.


LAUVIAH 2 Angel: Allow, Angel Lord that the contents of my unconscious are integrated harmoniously into my thoughts. Make that the dark situations of my past, become clear; so that no old torment comes to obscure my present action. Place, LAUVIAH 2 Angel, your Light in the darkness of my emotions, so that I can transform into positive work, sinks it conglomerate of the past. Inspire to me, Lord, so that all those which feel in affinity with me, find in my work the wire of ARIANE which will enable them to leave the labyrinth of the emotions. Make me a bridge between the Thought and the Desire, in order to link them and thus make a success of the philosopher’s stone of the World.