DAMABIAH Angel (Uranus)

Damabiah Angel Feb10,Feb11,Feb12,Feb13,Feb14

From the chorus of Angels-Angels (Archangel Gabriel)

People born
between 10 and February 14

Damabiah Angel is the Guardian regent energy of Uranus within the lunar chorus of angels governed by the Archangel Gabriel
DAMABIAH Angel is the Angel of wisdom. It promotes the triumph of enterprises, kindness and love. He’s used to neutralize charm, gossip and curses. We invokes against evil in general and for all the success hoped for. His truly godson is under his guard: no evil can reach him. He’s a wise man who leads a prosperous life, particularly rich in travel.


DAMABIAH Angel: I want to know, Lord, your secret on the lucky alloy Fire and water. I want that you learn to me how to build, train, create, with water and fire, according to the rules of the master builder, HIRAM of TYR, and according to the wisdom of King Solomon. I want, DAMABIAH Angel that this knowledge fills my interior spaces to constitute a calmed Sea, generating of spiritual force. Lord, places me at the shelter of the passion storms, and makes me citizen, with whole share, of your Universe of Harmony.