LAUVIAH 1 Angel (Jupiter)

Lauviah 1 Angel May11,May12,May13,May14,May15

(Archangel Raziel)

People born
between 11 and May I5

LAUVIAH 1 Angel is the third radius of the Angelic Choir Cherubim is LAUVIAH, and attends energy URANUS-JUPITERY. He’s the angel of the attraction and reputation. He promotes awareness, social position. He helps to obtain the graces of the great of this world. His godson is very attractive. He knows the art of persuasion and may without penalty, will reach physically and socially.


LAUVIAH 1 Angel: who provides comfortable situations, permanently, which gives the pleasures of fame. To you, I ask you to help me to spring from my inner everything that is useful to the renewal of my life. From my past, LAUVIAH 1 Angel, make out anything that speaks of the eternal love, all that is fair and reasonable, but that is buried, complacency for what is only anecdotal, that is what buried collapse under the weight of the conventions. Destroy my pride, my passions vain, my jealousies that make me lie. I want to be an example of gifts and powers LAUVIAH 1 Angel, my angel and my King.