HAHAIAH Angel (March)

Hahaiah Angel May16,May17,May18,May19,May20

(Archangel Raziel)

Persons born
between 16 and May 20

HAHAIAH Angel is the fourth-ANGEL CHERUBIN accounted for his godson, the most solid and effective armour against adversity. He’s the angel of protection: he’s called « Angel-REFUGE. » He destroyed adversity, promotes safety, the orientation of actions, inspiration. He shows love unexpectedly. His godson is one that must be guided at all times retain faith in His destiny. Protected by the beyond, he may in turn become protector.


HAHAIAH Angel: Lord, who as possible the mixture of Your breath with my breath, so I can contemplate, in my view, the beauty of a boundless love that I am doing for my brothers, one who transmits your divine harmony, one that brings peace and calm to troubled souls. Allows HAHAIAH Angel there is no confusion between Love (which is Universal Law) and the passions that often shake their hearts. Lord and Angel, I want to play the part, always of good intermediary, never that of solitary leader.

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