ALADIAH Angel (Saturn)

Aladiah Angel May6,May7,May8,May9,May10

(Archangel Raziel)

People born
between 6 and May 10

ALADIAH Angel is the second angel of Choir ANGELS-CHERUBINS attends to harmonize and pass the energies of Uranus and Saturn, to bring down the physical realities. It is the Angel of regeneration physical, emotional and moral. It promotes erasing mistakes, disposal and rebirth. He forgives a clean slate (in this sense, it can be destructive) delivers the counters to zero. II allows you to get rid of a heavy past. His godson alternates periods of destruction and rebirth. He is always able to start from scratch and transform its energy in a very positive sense. He may have a gift of healing and he heals very quickly.


ALADIAH Angel: Help me, Lord, to spread on my brothers, kindness that I received from you. Put me to work in the service of others; doing that through me, they can receive your strength that illuminates and healing. Help me, ALADIAH Angel, to be fair and to use restraint with goods that you grant to me; make me look towards the sharing and generosity; make me a good lawyer to defend those that ignorance has turned into guilty. Give me, O Lord, the distributor of your property, the holder of your Grace, the director of your works of Love.