LEHAHIAH Angel (Saturn)

Lehahiah Angel Sep8,Sep9,Sep10,Sep11,Sep12

From Choir POWERS
(Archangel CAMAEL)

People born
between 8 and September 12

LEHAHIAH Angel is the angel of obedience and collaboration. He promotes the work for a higher loyalty, respect. Occupational safety and stability are the keywords. His godson is generally a modest working hard. He honors his leaders and stood with them, with the help of his angel.


LEHAHIAH Angel: Give me good reasons to serve, because I’m good servant. Give me master the vast horizons, which I can bring my faithful and effective capacity organizer. You learn me, LEHAHIAH Angel, combine the water with fire, air with the Earth, and I hope this learning, laurels and titles of glory. Orient me into situations where can shine qualities that you insufflate me. Make with my voice and my behavior I can appease the angry spirits. Make that I would be generous and devoted; that my heart and my brain cohabit in perfect harmony, like my words and my acts, so that I can transmit to my brothers this Peace and this Will that you put in my for interior, and who are sources of spiritual and material richness’s.