ANAUEL Angel (Mercury)

Anauel Angel jan31,Feb1,Feb2,Feb3,Feb4

The Choir of Angels-Archangels
(Archangel Mikaël)

People born
between January 31 and February 4

Anauel Angel  is the Messenger of the Gods, the closest collaborator MIKAËL Archangel (SAINT-MICHËL); Angel of Mercury of excellence, it receives all messages of all others angels, and rank them in order of urgency, before moving. He is the Angel of logic. He promotes persuasion by logic, the victory over the obstacles. He can turn enemies into friends. II protects accidents, cure disease and help to win a lot of money. His godson is a rational mind which changes his enemies by the reasoning.


ANAUËL:Allows me, Lord, to carry out my goals spiritual and material. Grant that I place my means to a Human Society, and fraternal solidarity. Everything in me, functions as the sky so that harmony in me (and my behavior) aroused in others a desire for emulation. Give me, Angel ANAUËL, common sense so that not a drop would be lost in vain and futile actions, capacity which you will grant to me. I want to be the financial perfect witch you represented in Heaven. I want you to do me sense that I must make investments so that my gold is fast becoming Light.